Flight Operations Sub-System, V2 (ARMS® – FOSS)

Automate your OCC functions with FOSS for a Comprehensive Fleet Watch & Flight Following Solution
FOSS can receive OOOI timings from multiple aircraft communications sources, e.g., ACARS, SatCom, etc., even from Web or SMS text interfaces. With these timings, FOSS affords you complete situational awareness and you can choose to view your fleet situation or flight position in Map, Gantt chart or Tabular modes.

Modules & Functionalities:

  • Fleet Controller’s Terminal (FCT)
  • Remote Messaging (RMM) – Web-based
  • Flight Tracking (FTM) – Gantt View
  • Horizontal Situation Display (HSD) – Map View
  • Day of Operation Status (DOP) – Tabular View
  • Weather Display (WXD)
  • IVRS (Optional)
  • ISMS (Optional)