Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis Sub-System (ARMS® – FDMA)

For a Proactive Flight Safety Regime
Most airlines download data from Flight Data Recorder (FDR) to meet the regulatory requirements of FDR equipment certification and for monitoring exceedance of flight parameters, the equipment primarily being deemed a ‘reactive’ investigation tool.  In keeping with the objective of ‘Proactive Flight Safety,’ ARMS® V2 offers a better process to monitor and analyze recorded flight data (DFDR, QAR, etc.). 

 Modules & Functionalities:

  • Admin 
  • Flight Operations and Quality Assurance (FOQA) – for SMS & FOQA applications
  • Trend Graphical Analysis of Flights (GRAF) – for Training Department
  • Total Aircraft Performance Monitoring (TAPM) – for Performance Department
  • Fuel Consumption Analysis MIS (FCAM) – for Operations & Finance Departments
  • Engine Condition & Trend Monitoring (ECTM) – for Engineering Department