Crew Management Sub-System, V2 (ARMS® – CMSS)

Optimize Crew Utilization and Reduce Operating Costs
The system addresses the complex task of keeping a check on the second most expensive resource in airline operations, factoring in, safety, quality of life, motivation, proficiency, skills, knowledge and professionalism without ignoring regulatory and statutory mandates. In ARMS® V2 the Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS) brings optimal results from the myriad possible permutations by integrating all other Sub-Systems of ARMS® V2. CMSS is also available separately for Flight Deck & Cabin Crew.

Modules & Functionalities:

  • Crew Records (CRM)
  • Crew Trips (Pairing)/ Duty Sets
    • Crew Set Calculator (CSC)
    • Crew Trips Optimizer (CTO) Module
  • Crew Training Planning (CTP)
  • Crew Leave Management: (CLM)
  • Crew Rostering and Scheduling (R&S)
    • The Crew Usable & Available Monitor
    • FDTL Monitoring
    • Crew Rostering (Manual & Auto)
    • MIS Reports
  •  Crew Log Books (CLB)
  • Crew Pay & Allowances (CPA)
  • Crew Control Module (CCM) – Reporting & Disruption Management
  • Crew Web Portal (CWP)