Laminaar Aviation Infotech Pte. Ltd

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ARMS® V2: Aviation Resource Management System is a current-generation Information Technology system that effectively addresses the critical and cost sensitive nature of Commercial Air Transport Operations. It is a cost-effective and fully integrated software solution that seamlessly addresses Flight Operations, Maintenance and Logistics functions of an air transport operator. The system is designed and developed to control costs which is critical to operators today and can be easily customized to specific requirements.

Laminaar Aviation InfoTech Pte. Ltd. is the parent company of Sheorey Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd., (SDS), an ISO 9001 certified software company, focused on providing software solutions to the aviation industry.  With a combined strength of over 400 people working in major aviation hubs across the country its core team’s cumulative aviation experience spans over 350 years, of which, the past decade has been with the airline industry as it passed through turbulent times.

ARMS® V2 “Aviation Resource Management System” is a culmination of this experience. The turnkey deployment of this fully integrated suite enables.

  • re-engineering and automation of key processes
  • tight control over direct operating costs,
  • proactive flight safety  &
  • strict statutory compliance

Our solution currently helps many airlines cope with their volatile bottom-lines. So, whether yours is a Low Cost Carrier, a Full-Service, an Air Cargo Operator, a Non-Scheduled Charter Operator or a MRO organization, you will find ARMS® V2 a comprehensive and cost-effective Aviation IT solution which can be customized to your specific business needs. If yours is a start-up aviation venture, the early deployment of ARMS® V2 will enable efficient processes and systems ensuring managed growth and cost control. In case it is an established airline burdened with legacy overheads, ARMS® V2 can provide the much-needed solution for tight control over resources to bring up efficiency, and consequently, your profitability.

The primary scope of ARMS® V2 is efficient management of processes and resources required for the safe operations and maintenance of aircraft, while aiming for overall reduction in direct operating costs. This is achieved through:

  • Workflow Automation – reducing manpower required to manage the back-office functions of an airline.
  • Unified Data Entry & Capture  – to avoid duplication and additional manpower.
  • Pro-active Fuel Consumption Monitoring – driving an effective Fuel Conservation Policy.
  • Tight Monitoring of aircraft Direct Operational Expenses
  • Efficient Planning & Management for optimum deployment and utilization of all resources,  equipment and assets.
  • Strict Statutory Compliance & Optimum Decision Support, through the near-real-time electronic information system EMIS.

Airlines and NSOPs using ARMS® for M&E Sub-Systems

(EMSS/ LIMS/ HMRO/ InfoPrompt