Digitize Your Work Order Management System for Efficiency and Simplified Communications

Paper-based work order management systems are not only cumbersome for workers, but fragile— paperwork gets lost, dirty, smeared and torn through handling. When documents are manually filled out, stamps get missed and entries may be illegible. Then, at the end of the project, thousands of sheets of paper must be collected, organized and scanned for the client. Hours are wasted managing paper documentation that could be better spent building your customer relationships.

Now, MROs can benefit from Jextraxx’s proven digital work order management system—eliminating burdensome paper handling, automating workflows, and providing real-time updates to clients. Using a secure portal, clients can initiate work order requests remotely, at their convenience. The repair facility accepts the request and automatically creates the work order needed for the job. The streamlined system is convenient for clients and ensures clear communication from the outset.
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Improve Client Visibility and Communication

Records Portal Task Card List

Fully-customizable options allow the repair facility to determine how much detail to provide clients on their master dashboard. Options range from high-level tracking of percent to completion on the master workscope to task-level visibility for each project. Customers can request quotes via the secure portal, ensuring complete information capture and document support at the time of the request, as well as creating a historical record of quoting. Planners can quickly turn quotes into active work orders, saving time and eliminating repetitive data entry tasks. Standardized documents and organized records are secure and accessible via web browser, making it easy for customers to access their information whenever they need it.

Manage Workflow and Ensure Proper Staffing of Tasks

Our work order management system uses gating and automated workflows that can be customized to your needs. By setting gates and work assignments upfront, work progresses smoothly throughout the life of the project, with assignments flowing to specific groups and even individually-specified team members based on their credentials. User roles can be tailored to functions, allowing better control of stamp capabilities and preventing inspector and technician roles from being crossed. Task cards can be fully customized with images or text. When a task is completed, the card is closed and locked, then routed to Quality Assurance for approval. The secure, web-based system enables work away from station and the step-by-step task card functions limit distractions on multi-step jobs.

Simplify Record-Keeping and Inventory Management

To simplify record-keeping and inventory management, the work order management system checks expiration dates and recall notices for tooling used during each project, documenting serial numbers and calibration information. Certificate of conformance and calibration information is tracked with each work order in the database, making it easy to recall data when needed. Easily call up the history of work orders throughout the life of a tool or system. When hard copy documentation is needed, electronic approval stamps print on final documentation with the look of a manual stamp. With endless stamp creations, you can create, control and suspend/lock out stamps within the system, eliminating control issues of physical stamps and creating real-time logs for simplified audits.

Access Data Instantly, From Anywhere

Our cloud-based system includes backups and redundancies across multiple locations to safeguard data and ensure business continuity and accessibility. Uploaded documentation is instantly accessible to all approved users. The portal-based system can be accessed via web browser on your computer or tablet, or with the Jetraxx smartphone app (available on iOS and Android), making it easy for you and your clients to access data on the go.

Find out how Jetraxx can customize the perfect solution for you! Request a Demo Today