Simplify and Automate
Leased Asset Management

For too long, record keeping for aviation assets was time-consuming, cumbersome, and inconsistent. Lease returns were stressful for everyone involved, with disagreements about documentation and responsibilities lengthening the process. Whether you are managing a single asset or a fleet, Jetraxx can simplify and streamline all aspects of records management—saving you time and money.

Jetraxx is your behind-the-scenes partner, providing technical records assistance and portal-based records management, customized with your brand’s look and feel. With customizable workflows and auto-generated data packs, our cloud-based, proprietary records management system automates document acceptance, approval, and rejection to ensure data integrity and compliance with your process. Role-based logins for lessors and lessees eliminates repetitive data entry—which often introduces human error—and maximizes end-of-life value of your assets.
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Ensure Data Integrity

To ensure that user-entered documents are error-free and complete, our technical records department conducts a multi-step review of all documentation uploaded into the system. With hard-coded calculations for tracking LLP, as well as hard and soft time components, you can eliminate time spent on spreadsheets and repetitive data entry. Controlled single-point sign on and data upload for customers and field reps creates accountability and captures data without the need to email large documents.

Automate Processes for Consistency

Jetraxx streamlines lease induction and return activities with customizable workflows and auto-generated data packs. With automated document acceptance, approval, and rejection, you can guarantee compliance with your process throughout the length of the lease. During lease returns, our technical records staff work with you to collect and audit lease return documentation, allowing you to end the lease in a timely manner. Documents requiring certifying signatures are auto-signed by Jetraxx.

Lease Engine Data Packages

  • Customizable cover page and statements feature your company information
  • Hard coded data and archived records auto-collect with one click
  • Custom Engine Snapshot pulls from live data
  • Web-based login provides access without the need to email large files
  • Hard coded data can be downloaded in CSV format

On-Demand Data Access

Our cloud-based system includes backups and redundancies across multiple locations to safeguard data and ensure business continuity and accessibility. Uploaded documentation is instantly accessible to all users. The portal-based system can be accessed via web browser on your computer or tablet, or with the Jetraxx smartphone app (available on iOS and Android), making it easy to access your data on the go.

Find out how Jetraxx can customize the perfect solution for you!Request a Demo Today