Simplify Compliance and Lease Returns

With leased aviation assets, thorough documentation of maintenance and repair are essential when demonstrating good stewardship during the lease period. With geographically-dispersed maintenance teams, high volumes of activity, and lengthy federal paperwork requirements, it can be difficult to capture and track data for each engine asset. Jetraxx provides a proprietary, cloud-based records management system designed specifically for aircraft engines, backed by technical and records personnel who validate data and documentation. With customizable workflows, our system eliminates repetitive data entry—which often introduces human error—and consolidates activities to capture all relevant engine data in one always-accessible place.
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Standardized Data

Jetraxx standardizes data with a system that accommodates your existing workflow, making it faster and easier to train and on-board new workers. By eliminating repetitive data entry and guiding workflows for technicians, you can ensure compliance with federal guidelines and industry standards. Hard-coded calculations for tracking LLP, as well as hard and soft time components, replace the need for complex spreadsheets. With credentialed user logins and drag-and-drop features for documentation, the system creates accountability and captures data efficiently.

Faster Lease Returns

Jetraxx streamlines lease induction and return activities with auto-generated data packs tailored to fit each lessor’s requirements. With automated document acceptance, approval, and rejection, you know you are in compliance with the lessor’s requirements throughout the length of the lease. During lease returns, our technical records staff work with you to collect and audit lease return documentation, allowing you to end the lease in a timely manner. The lease return status dashboard provides transparency for your team and allows you to track the progress of internal approvals and sign-offs.

Jetraxx Digital Lease Return Process

  • Complete a short questionnaire that will determine the documentation required
  • Documents are auto-populated from historical data as you go
  • Digitally sign required documents
  • Documents requiring certifying signatures are auto-signed by Jetraxx.

On-Demand Data Access

Our cloud-based system includes backups and redundancies across multiple locations to safeguard data and ensure business continuity and accessibility. Uploaded documentation is instantly accessible to all users. The portal-based system can be accessed via web browser on your computer or tablet, or with the Jetraxx smartphone app (available on iOS and Android), making it easy to access your data on the go.
Find out how Jetraxx can customize the perfect solution for you! Request a Demo Today