For Financiers

Preserve the Value of Your Investment

When it comes to aviation assets, more than 85% of value is determined by documentation of maintenance and repairs. Ensure the longevity of your investment by certifying integrity of maintenance records, from pre-buy through lease return to maintain end-of-life value.

Jetraxx provides a proprietary, cloud-based records management system designed specifically for aircraft engines, backed by technical records personnel who validate data and documentation. We provide complete records management, with historical data retention for the life of each asset and a built-in records retention process. Jetraxx serves as your technical records department, eliminating the need for specialty hires.
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Aviation Engine-Specific

Our records management system was developed to address the unique data needs of aircraft engines. The system consolidates and validates data sets that are entered once, then accessed and analyzed by different types of users, eliminating opportunities for human error that come with duplicate data entry. The Jetraxx system works for any make or model of engine and can be tailored to the workflows of the users.


Our cloud-based system includes backups and redundancies across multiple locations to safeguard data and ensure business continuity and accessibility. Data security is simplified by eliminating the need to store data locally or sync local systems with remote servers. Digital authorizations are managed and tracked using trusted names in authentication technology. Approved records are electronically archived and stored at secure server locations.    

Built-in Data Retention and Storage

Jetraxx ensures you have historical data retention for the life of the engine, classified by event. Pre-buy asset management workflows ensure data is entered once and retained. While the asset is in use, an Engine Timeline provides an at-a-glance view of activities and role-based dashboards provide real-time views into document checklists and progress indicators. Simplify end-of-life management activities with consolidated records for ease of review. With customizable document storage and data retention parameters, you can ensure that Jetraxx-managed data complies with your business requirements.
Find out how Jetraxx can customize the perfect solution for you! Request a Demo Today