Every year flight delays result in millions of dollars of costs. In order to achieve profitability, airlines must achieve higher aircraft utilization. This is accomplished by shorter ground times which may result in more delays, cost and passenger dissatisfaction. In order to improve turnaround times, a highly efficient turnaround management system is needed.


GroundStar brings a high degree of transparency in the whole turnaround process. All major clearance activities, milestones, passenger connections, baggage and crew transfers as well as their interdependencies can be monitored in real time. Possible bottlenecks are identified at an early stage and those responsible can be notified immediately via mobile devices. Based on the flight and handling details monitored, an impending flight delay is calculated, resulting in a highly reliable assessment of which processes may cause a delay. This way, appropriate countermeasures can be taken to avoid operational disruptions.

To solve the problem, the software also includes a cost-based decision support and various factors such as delay costs, rebooking costs and crew costs which are taken into account.