PFB for Windows

PFB for Windows

(Class I & Class II)

The PFB for Windows concept focuses on the next step-up from the PFB for iPad concept. It is a fully integrated software platform running on a Windows 7 orXP.

You may choose to incorporate the PFB platform on cockpit-mounted computers (Class II), or you may choose to use it with tow-able laptops (Class I). Either way you have the option to choose.

The PFB platform has a number of built in features

  • Cockpit Library & Documents with Touch Friendly Viewer (search function included)
  • Search in multiple documents, synchronized with PFB document library
  • Standard Flight Reporting
  • Full EFB administration via a customer-dedicated web-portal

Prior to launch the PFB platform is customized to suit the Clients’ needs.

This customization includes, but is not limited to:

  • TODC (Take-off) and LDC (Landing) fully integration with the Client’s chosen Provider calculations modules
  • The pilot selects which calculation he is assuming: MaxRedu or Flex
  • All calculations are included in Flight Reporting System and stored on IFS server for quality and data mining
  • Electronic Loadsheet (W&B Optimization)
  • Fuel consumption and CO2 emission control
  • World Wide Airport Obstacle Database and Engine Failure and Climb up Procedures
  • Easy add-on Third Party applications : iCharts and iMapsFlight Planning system, special requirements etc.

The customer has access to his data via an IFS Web Portal where the data is stored and available for data mining by the customer.

What is most notable is that all of the modules and applications that are available in the WiFly program can be easily and seamlessly transferred to the PFBplatform without delays in time or incurring extra costs.

Pricing policy – The customer is charged a flat fee for the platform with all built in services per aircraft. Additional monthly fee is charged per module per aircraft. Discounts are available based on number of modules ordered and the number of aircraft in the fleet. Further variables include customizing of modules for particular customer’s needs as well as payment terms, etc.

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