PFB for iPad

(Class I & Class II)

The Paperless Flight Bag for iPad services are focused on efficiency and safety enhancing modules, which are available to the cockpit crew on portable devices. These include, but are not limited to: iPhones, iPad, Smart Phones, Tablet Computers and Laptops.

PFB for iPad enables pilots to perform critical planning, calculations and reporting for entire flight from their mobile devices, improving convenience and reducing paperwork. All actions and computations are monitored and logged on a central server to preserve data for tracking, flight analysis and legal documentation.

The modules offered in PFB for iPad solution are:

  • TODC (Take-off data calculation)
     and LDC (Landing)– performance calculations based on actual aircraft data and on real-time airport and obstacle database (AODB), include actual Engine Out and Climb procedures
  • Weight & Balance calculations gives pilot a completeLoadsheet with last minute changes to sign with digital signature and option for distribution of final and signedLoadsheet
  • Logging/Reporting – the Flight Reporting system, where pilots create all kinds of Logs/Reports during the flight. When landed, the Logs and Reports are sent directly to operational center and authorized services.For example
  • Fuel Report (Fuel consumption and CO2 data control and monitoring);
  • Technical LogJourney Log etc.
  • iCharts and iMaps can be easily added, as well as many other 3rd Parties Applications.

Pricing policy – The customer is charged a fee per module per aircraft. Discounts are available based on number of modules ordered and the number of aircraft in the fleet. Depending on the type of module and aircraft a set up fee might be required to cover the actual hours used in preparing the application for the customer. Further variables include customizing of modules for particular customer needs as well as payment terms, etc.

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