Back Office Integration

The data collected via the use of PFB modules provides the basis for back office integration. The BOIacts as a general automation tool, permitting the collection, storage, updating and distribution of data in accordance with regulatory and company’s own requirements while satisfying the formats and safety/security procedures.

The BOI feature of the PFB system has the following components and functionalities:

  • An EFB Database, managed via a central server, for data collecting, storage, up-dating and data-mining, accessible for various BO structures.
  • A user ‘portal’ for the Configuration Management System, supporting proper loading of new data on the EFB, assigning data for an individual device or aircraft.
  • Communication Management provides for automated distribution of the reported data aimed for the specific users.
  • A User Interface/GUI, provides for simple, unified data viewing, and EFB configuration statistics viewing.
  • Security/Encryption Management protects the integrity of the data being delivered to or recovered from the aircraft.

The BOI enabled core management of the system to:

  • Reduce management overhead.
  • Ensure proper compliance for regulatory certification, audit and industry requirements.
  • Efficiently manage content located on the EFB.
  • Develops and ideal system for expanded growth in future.

The Value of Back office Integration by IMDC
EFB BOI Survey by IMDC, Aviation Consulting Group