IFS Complex Assembly MRO

The IFS Complex Assembly MRO solution supports maintenance, repair and overhaul of complex equipment and machinery including main aircraft engines, auxiliary power units (APUs), and landing gear that require disassembly and assembly with full serialized tracking.

Any level of maintenance from servicing to overhaul may be performed inside a hangar when either the complexity, length of repair, number of staff, support equipment, tools and parts required dictate a covered, dedicated facility.  Most repairs conducted at this level are usually “on-wing” or simple parts replacement.


Repair Set Up

IFS Applications for the maintenance repair and overhaul of complex assets, such as Engines and Landing Gears, enables you to define the required manufacturing operational data from existing structures, routings and OEM service manuals. It also supports the definition of the maintenance level and maintenance repair of structures and routings.

Define Work Scope

The work scope definition in IFS Applications allows MRO organizations to define and maintain serial structures of complex assets based on information from the Fleet & Asset Management solution. Shop Visits for MRO can be managed based on service requests and visit defaults. All historical life data for the asset is captured and this information is then used to generate maintenance tasks, variant orders and a configured and approved scope of work.

Execute Work Scope

The task of managing the work scope of a complex asset is handled by IFS Applications. Various shop order types guide the engineering process through disassemble and disposition activities whilst repair and purchase orders are integrated to other IFS components to ensure that the work scope is completed accurately. Finally, assembly orders are generated to make sure that the complex asset is reassembled correctly. The IFS quality assurance modules adds an additional layer of quality to the entire process.


The Shipment capability manages the picking and packing of customer and distribution orders via an integrated transportation module.

MRO Cost Accumulation and Pricing

Using IFS Applications, contract managers can ensure that the right MRO agreement is being applied to work orders and complex assembly service.

Customer Order Invoicing

MRO organizations need a wide range of processes to support customer order invoicing ranging from capability to support self-billing, shipments credits and corrections. Once the preliminary customer invoice has been configured, IFS Applications manages the handling, printing and posting of customer invoices, either as printed or electronic documents.


This process provides the capabilities for receiving into inventory those items procured from external suppliers. It covers processing of the received assets in the receiving bay, including any required inspection of the goods, and putting the assets into appropriate inventory locations. The process also covers the registration of Direct Delivery of assets by the enterprise’s Suppliers to its Customers.