Work/Job/Task Cards

Our TC Module allows users to take complete control over all cards whether they are imported via an OEM disk or created directly by the airline. We take full advantage of OEM data CDs (SGML/XML/PDF) with full ispec2200 compatibility. Revision OEM CDs are also uploaded directly into InForm. A comparison tool allows you to see exactly where the changes occurred as well as provide you with reconciliation reports.

Since maintenance program source data automatically populates various Task Card fields, creating cards is easy. Card’s data can be easily imported or copied and pasted from maintenance manuals, service bulletins, etc. Graphics are easily inserted. Once created, cards can be easily replicated for multiple locations on the airplane. Custom templates allow any airline to create a card to their exact specification.

From creation of a card until it is approved into your maintenance program, our TC module handles every aspect of creating, revising, approving, publishing and distributing the card.

Integration into M&E system is a key feature. This module integrates with most leading M&E software such as Trax, Ramco, PMI etc.