Technical Library (TL)

Our TL module is the most comprehensive manual solution for both viewing and authoring. TL is a repository for all type of technical documents from both internal and external sources. Our distribution function controls publishing, delivering and monitoring of the location of the manuals. Revision control features allow for temporary revisions (TR) on each section of a manual.

Import tools break manuals into usable xml data and store them in a sub section level to allow revisions at every level of the manual. Usage reports let you know which other documents are linked at a sub-task/sub-section level.

Security features ensure that only authorize people have rights to submit revisions for approval. Portal allows authorized users to download all manuals from a centralized location.

This is a fully integrated module that accepts all Marked-Up Language formats (ML) including XML, SGML and HTML. PDF import tools are also available. OEM manuals and revisions are easily uploaded into the system.