Service Difficulty Reporting (SDR)

Standardization key to success

IDMR Solutions is proud to announce that we offering InForm’s SDR (Service Difficulty Reporting) Module absolutely free. Like our entire suite, the SDR module will allow Airlines, Repair Shops and Maintenance control to simply create SDRs and kick it off to our document management system.

The SDR module has automated workflows built-in which will route the document for approvals and signatures as required. The SDR will also be place in queue for submission to the FAA. A FAA batch file is generated by InForm. No data entry required when submitting the file to the FAA, simply login to the FAA site and click on Batch upload. InForm’s electronic SDR module will provide you with everything you need to create, edit, export and even print (if needed) SDRs. InForm’s robust document management solution provides unparalleled control over all your documents. InForm’s modules include xml export features which can feed data directly back to the customer and integrate with any M&E system. Don’t miss out! This is a free solution you have nothing to lose and a lot of efficiency to gain.