Consolidation, Efficiency and Accountability is all bundled in our service package module. InForm takes the requested work cards/EO and optimizes them. Man Hour, Tally Sheets, Material, Special Tools and other reports are automatically generated each time your run a service package. Unnecessary duplication of cards and materials are filtered out. All the open and close panels are extracted to provide a report to open and close panels once instead of each time a card calls for it.

No more sending over hard copies or CDs to the vendor. InForm publishes the service package for your vendor to retrieve over the web. You control who has access to the files and how long they should remain online. Updating your vendor with new cards is simple. Just press a button and the updated package information is uploaded for the vendors review. Emails are sent out to your vendors with instructions on how to download the documents and when updates are available.

Integration into M&E system is a key feature. This module integrates with most leading M&E software such as Trax, Ramco, PMI etc.