Non-Routines (NR)

IDMR Solutions is introducing and giving away our electronic Non Routine (NR) module for InForm.

InForm’s NR module will provide you with everything you need to create, edit, export and even print (if needed) non-routines. InForm’s robust document management solution provides unparallel control over all your documents.

NR productivity features:

  • Simple data entry screens 
  • Offline tablet pc mode 
  • Image support 
  • Status tracking 
  • Man hour accountability 
  • Electronic material order slip 
  • Electronic signatures
  • Bar coding 
  • Customer oversight 
  • Email integration 
  • Detailed Reports 
  • Tally and accountability sheets 
  • Export tools

NR is a complete non-routine solution for Airlines and MROs and with its xml export features can feed data directly back to the customer or integrated into any M&E system. Don’t miss out this is a free solution so you have nothing to lose and a lot of efficiency to gain.