navAero Aircraft Interface Device (AID)


To ensure non-interference with the aircraft from Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software (i.e., Microsoft Windows), navAero has developed an Ethernet Aircraft Interface Device (EAID) to provide a secure link to the aircraft. The AID hosts physical protection and isolation to ensure non-interference of attached data buses and discretes.

The navAero EAID has been designed for maximum installation flexibility, low cost and excellent performance characteristics. The passively cooled housing can be installed in any orientation and all mounting hardware is included as a part of the installation kit.

The EAID provides access to four discrete signals and up to four different ARINC 429-based avionics systems per EFB for the most optimum integration with the aircraft systems to support the EFB software applications selected by the airline operator. Typically, these are connections to the FMS, GNSS and IRS. The information received is then fled to the EFB CPU to allow the EFB-hosted applications to auto populate the appropriate software data fields. It also provides for one transmit channel per EFB for usage with a standalone avionics system such as a Sat Com or ACARS device.  The ARINC 429 connectivity additional communication capabilities afforded through Ethernet connectivity can allow for future integration with other existing aircraft systems – enabling the airline operator to increase the functionality of the EFB system in the future without adding additional EFB hardware or incurring additional installation expense.

The navAero EAID provides for the capability of EFB-hosted applications to query the ARINC 429 bus for labels to feed data to populate the software and provide information from transmitting avionics systems (i.e., FMS, IRS, etc.). This is accomplished by software developers implementing call functions via Simple Text Avionics Protocol (STAP) within the EFB application requesting the desired data.

ARINC 429/717
Ethernet Connectivity (10/100Base T)

Temperature Ranges
– Operating: -30oC to +55oC / -22oF to +131oF
– Non-Operating: -55oC to +85oC / -67oF to +185oF

Voltage: 20 to 30VDC
Input Current [Max] @ 28VDC: 0.1A
Input Current [Typical] @28VDC: 35mA
Power Consumption [Typical]: 1 Watt

Size: 5.1″ (131mm)(h) x 6.7″ (170mm)(w) x 1.7: (43mm)(d)
Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.49Kg)