navAero Aircraft Data Interface (ADI) Wrapper

navAero, in conjunction with both Jeppesen and Lido, has developed middle software to enable the utilization of these digital charting and data content provider’s airport surface area moving map applications.

The navAero ADI middleware implements the Application Programming Interface required by the Jepppesen FliteDeck Pro Airport Moving Map software as does the Lido eRouteManual airport surface area moving map software. This middleware (AID Wrapper) communicates with the ARINC 834 server running on the EFB-IU via a TCP connection.

The communication protocol implemented by the ADI Wrapper and the ARINC 834 Server is the Simple Text Avionics Protocol STAP) as defined in the ARINC 834 specification. The ARINC 834 Server receives aircraft data from the ARINC-429 data busses and sends the data to the navAero ADI Wrapper that resides in the CPU module.

Once the navAero ADI middleware software has received the data it translates the data from the ARINC 429 format to the engineering units format (i.e. GPS Position) required by the Jeppesen or Lido airport surface area moving map application to paint the aircraft’s own ship position. navAero has designed its ADI Wrapper software architecture such that this approach of providing aircraft data to applications can be extended to other application environments with minimal effort.