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ROAM is the most intuitive industry solution for airworthiness records by Gamit Limited, an engineering consultancy established in London, UK established in 1990.
Since 1998 Gamit has been active in the digitalisation of aircraft records. ROAM is a next generation solution designed to actively manage asset documents providing efficiency in engineering departments and supporting airworthiness records audits, due diligence, or end of lease transitions.
The user is able to index documents, store as searchable PDF and build up compliance status reports that include the evidence of compliance, whether it is a work card, component release certificate or any other documents. The user is able to build redelivery binders or audit packs for external viewing or approval.
Designed to comply with ATA Spec 2500 standards, ICAO, EASA and FAA rule making on digitalised airworthiness records keeping, ROAM is able to take your active records archive, audit process and asset transition projects into the future.

Gamit Limited is an independent organisation founded in 1990, based at London Stansted Airport as its headquarters location.  The specific aim of Gamit is to supply professional and technical engineering support to local and international MROs (Maintenance Repair Organisation), airlines, private and corporate aircraft owners.  Services include spare parts and logistic support, onsite maintenance representation, technical services including EASA CAMO in addition to digitalised maintenance records management solution called, ROAM.

Market Position
ROAM is a comprehensive solution, combining cloud benefits with installed software perks to deliver an all-encompassing records management solution for an airworthiness and compliance or asset management department.  Using the latest technologies available, the ROAM package successfully manages the paper to digital process delivering empowering results which allow ROAM to connect to ERM systems via fully customised configurations or standard models such as SPEC 2500.

Gamit is first and foremost a professional and technical support company understanding authorities and commercial demands relating to asset management. Therefore having such understanding and strong connections to the wider industry, Gamit’s development team are able to adapt quickly to necessary evolving requirements and ultimately save you time, money and effort.  Gamit create the perfect one stop shop for digitalised tractability and record keeping in any segment you are in.

Gamit Services
ROAM has been designed and built from the day 1 as an intuitive enterprise solution.  However, we understand that all organisations operate slightly differently and that’s ok, we have our development team on hand for any custom development, training options are available, data migration possibilities, interfacing and process outsourcing are all some of the services available when joining the ROAM community.