Airport Analysis

Airport Analysis

PDF | Hardcopy | RPM

Flygprestanda’s Airport Analysis service presents web-based, tabulated take-off, landing and go-around performance available for instant download, as hard copy or for built in software.

With improved fuel burn figures, maximized takeoff and landing masses and ensured obstacle clearance, our Airport Analysis can aid your airline in any runway conditions, whether it is contaminated, wet or otherwise affected. We have made the analysis highly adaptable with optional parameters such as aircraft settings, MEL items and engine failure procedures.

Optional parameters 

  • Aircraft settings can be taken into account, including
  • MEL items, minimum EFFRA, V-speed ratios and more. 

Internet account

  • Gain access to our online tools which allows you to
  • generate analyses any time, anywhere.

Available with flat fee

  • For a monthly flat fee we offer unlimited downloads through our web services.

Route Performance Manual

The Route Performance Manual (RPM) is a customized binder containing Airport Analyses for any number of airports/runways chosen by the customer. The content is updated by a revision service that includes NOTAM monitoring.

The final product is a sturdy binder with a customized explanatory introduction to the Analyses, a table of contents and all of your preferred Airport Analyses in an alphabetic register. 

The RPM comes with the option of color coding sheets for easy recognition of performance parameters.The RPM is recommended for airlines operating across an established destination network with numerous aircraft that needs recurring updates.