Aircraft Sales and Transitions

Airlines deliver more successful aircraft transitions with FLYdocs

Aircraft transitions are complex programs, involving multiple teams within the business, as well as third parties such as Lessors and Authorities. FLYdocs brings simplicity to the process, by providing an online, collaborative platform, whereby all authorised parties have access to the aircraft’s digitised technical records.

Imagine the impact on your leasing business if your fleet technical records were up-to-date and available for auditing at the touch of a button; if your sales and marketing team could confidently share the latest technical specifications with potential clients; and if your leased aircraft were returned on-time, with a complete set of digital records?

With records searchable within milliseconds, workflows streamlined, and document builds automated, you spend less time searching for compliance records, and instead can focus on the business-critical task of verifying compliance and saving your airline from late penalty fees by transitioning your aircraft on time.


Here are just some of the features within FLYdocs®, which help Airlines improve their aircraft transition programs.

Mobile Ready
Access the system on-the-go as FLYdocs® has a number of apps and is fully web enabled for mobile devices

Advanced Search
Search hundreds of millions of documents at Google, Bing or Baidu speeds with up to seven unique advanced programmable search functions

Data Mapping
Map data from Workpacks and Statuses, as well as other data sets from external systems and internally within FLYdocs®

Interactive Reporting
Use advanced reporting for managing data

User Management
Manage all user access at individual, role and department level with easy to use group rights set up functions

Project Management
Support & lead commercial discussion by managing project queries

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