CORENA Pinpoint Mobile

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile is a tablet-based interactive electronic technical publication / manual (IETP / IETM). It is comprised of a server-based Mobile Content & Compliance Manager (MCCM) and a native tablet-based Android, iOS, or Windows interactive electronic technical publication / manual (IETP / IETM).

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile includes two modules: Mobile Content & Compliance Manger (MCCM) and a native, tablet-based interactive electronic technical publication application for flight or maintenance operations.

Mobile Content & Compliance Manager (MCCM)

MCCM is a common core component of the CORENA Pinpoint Mobile solution for both flight operations and maintenance operations.

It provides the administrative functions to manage user accounts and distribution of content to tablet users as well as automated prompts and warnings to facilitate regulatory compliance .

Key Capabilities:

  • Provides user management (account creation and setup, permissions, group assignments)
  • Controls content and document distribution to tablets based on users’ profiles
  • Produces system audits and compliance reports
  • Enables tracking and auditing of user engagement with content
  • Provides a dashboard to minimize administrative tasks
  • Provides automatic warnings of non-compliance based on custom business rules
  • Retains user-specific configurations, annotations, bookmarks, highlights, notes, and feedback messages

Flight Operations Module (FOM)

FOM is the on-device, interactive electronic technical publication application optimized for pilots in the cockpit and electronic flight bag (EFB) integration.

FOM moves beyond the shortcomings of traditional PDF-based document models for the iPad. Instead, smart XML content opens up new possibilities for an entirely new digital user experience that can help pilots find the right information more quickly, lower data transmission costs, lower infrastructure costs, and facilitate faster regulatory compliance.

FOM smart content:

  • Offers more capabilities than traditional PDF, DOC, PPT, and other file documents
  • Supports PDF, DOC, PPT, and file documents
  • Uses “incremental” XML publishing, thus reducing the size of data packages and shortens synchronization time, thus lowering the cost of data transmission when applying updates to manuals
  • Enables interactive capabilities to help pilots find information faster – including search, bookmarks, annotations, highlights, feedback, and personal notes