More informed, engaged and organised

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Evoke Systems has been providing software solutions to airlines across the World since 2001, with many clients using multiple EFOS product suites for over ten years. Our products are designed to use structured data to enable effective business intelligence reporting and drive leaner operating efficiency. Our software is built to ensure accurate validation and automation of data entry, to minimise error rates, and thereby maximise audit and compliance efficiency.

We are specialists in crew training and leave software, who work closely with our partners – airlines, cargo and low cost carriers, private charter, and the wider aviation industry – helping stretched departments streamline and automate processes that impact their people, daily.

By providing end-users with effective operational tools, we empower them to carry out their role safely and efficiently by being more informed, organised and motivated.

Training management made easy:

  • Minimise errors, increase operational efficiency, and ensure your forms and workflows are compliance ready.
  • Do more with your data. Analytical tools to evaluate, monitor and enhance your overall training delivery.
  • Simplify the management and delivery of complex training courses with comprehensive visibility and tracking.
  • Customise your exams and surveys. Distribute through resource groups and integrate into your course syllabus.
  • Give your trainers the tools to complete training forms, records, and evaluate performance in any environment.


Leave management made easy:

  • Enhance the transparency and flexibility of your vacation management process on a global scale.
  • Oversee a fair, accurate and transparent prioritisation structure for crew requests, end-to-end.
  • Integrate with your third-party systems for efficient communication and synchronised data.
  • Empower your crew members to take control of their leave requests by configuring the user experience.


Regulatory compliance made easy:

  • Efficiently distribute critical operational information to the right people, at the right time.
  • Facilitate prompt acknowledgment and tracking of crucial OEM amendments, notices or memos.
  • Support airline EFB platforms by providing pilots access to their information via an iPad app.