EasyBrowse EB.4Aviation: Flight manuals and more

Safe, efficient, highly effective

EB.4Aviation is a complete package for electronic publishing of all kinds of information relevant for day-to-day air traffic operations and other airline matters.

No matter whether you are using an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) or the Intranet – EB.4Aviation provides you with powerful tool for finding information fast, efficiently and reliably. Flight documentations created with EB.4Aviation are much more than just an “electronic flight bag”.

State-of-the-art publishing, state-of-the-art workflow

EFB Germania, advanced search

The publishing software EB.Suite by EasyBrowse is an ideal platform for creating electronic flight manuals. EB.4Aviation is a preconfigured publishing application based on EB.Suite. It provides airlines with a package that can be used on an electronic flight bag, on any Windows notebook, on an iPad or a Tablet PC and on the Intranet. Standardised interfaces offer both a budget-friendly and technically convincing tool for creating flight documentation. The power of EB.Suite provides an unique package of outstanding features:

  • Publishing any number of manuals
  • Integrating information from a large variety of sources (own SGML, XML, or PDF manuals, manufacturer’s PDF, manufacturer’s XML)
  • Effectivity handling for dynamic creation of aircraft-specific or fleet-specific publications
  • Change log
  • Full-text search across the entire content
  • Efficient, semantic keyword index for fast access to information
  • Incremental updates for fast EFB updating
  • Daytime/night-time mode
  • Interface design optimised for touch screens
  • Notes, bookmarks
  • Publishing on CDs, DVDs, memory sticks or as web applications
  • Multi-links, data export
  • Multilingual user interfaces and multilingual data

Because of the flexible and powerful user interface (description) language nearly all requirements can be met. We will are prepared to implement your corporate design requirements as well.

EB.4Aviation and CMS: Creation and updates with only a few mouse clicks

EB.4Aviation can be combined with any XML-based CMS via standardised interfaces, resulting in heavily automated and hence effective publishing workflows.

The creation and updating processes are designed and optimised for integrating a CMS. The software ideally combines the publishing processes with an XML-based content management system. This provides you with audit-proof documentation and intelligent operation manuals. In addition, PDF or XML-based OEM documentations can easily be merged with your in-house documentation to create an integrated information package.

EB.Suite Publishing system – online and offline electronic documentation made easy

EasyBrowse EB.Suite is a complex software solution for creating electronic publications and technical documentation. It allows you to publish your data and information online – on the Internet/Intranet – as well as offline on CD/DVD/memory stick, or on mobile devices. EasyBrowse software is characterized by an outstanding functionality. Users benefit from the multiple usage of their data in various media which is based on a single publishing process. The core feature is the seamless integration and processing of all source data as well as the distribution into various channels – also for printing – in one single step.

EB.Suite‘s XML-based interfaces do not only support XML-based processes but also other formats.

Products and Services

Standard solutions for different industries

  • EB.4Aviation — Electronic publications of flight manuals
  • EB.4Catalogue — Solution for Electronic spare parts catalogues
  • EB.4Defence — Viewer for S1000D-compliant documentation
  • EB.4Documentation — Technical documentation and service information

Publishing software EB.Suite

  • EB.Composer
  • EB.Compiler
  • Distribution components — EB.2go, EB.4web, EB.4app

Direct-Publishing-Software EB.Now!

Licence server for CD/DVD, Internet or Intranet

  • EB.2protect

Conversion software and services

  • automated data conversion workflows
  • documentation services
  • PDF to XML – XML to PDF
  • E-Book (ePUB, .prc, .azw, .mobi)

About EasyBrowse

EasyBrowse is headquartered in Schwerin with a branch office in Cologne and develops software for electronic publications (on CD, DVD, Intranet and Internet). It offers a sophisticated browser technology and is a specialist service provider for data conversion. The software has now been tried and proven on some two million CDs/DVDs and in extensive online projects in companies, publishing houses and agencies throughout Europe.

Applications include publishing solutions for publishing houses specialising in the STM market and law literature, technical documentation, knowledge databases, learning programmes or individual, modular catalogue systems.

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