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dent & buckle provides airline operators with the means to streamline procedures and reduce the costs of recording damages and repairs on aircraft. With dent & buckle airlines now have an easy to use tool to track damages from first discovery through to the repair stages, and subsequently, tracking of the repair.

Aircraft damage reporting made easy

Take smart control over your fleet’s condition and stop wasting time on the ground!

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We provide airline operators with the means to streamline procedures and reduce the costs of recording damage and repairs on aircraft. With dent & buckle airlines now have an easy to use tool to track damage from first discovery through to the repair and subsequent tracking of the repair.

Mobile application with interactive 3D aircraft model means easy and intuitive on-site damage recording

It is truly mobile

No extra hardware needed. Works on every mobile device, either on a mechanic’s own smartphone or an engineer’s tablet.

Simple and intuitive

You mark damage on an interactive animated 3D model with great accuracy in a matter of one tap.

Web based backend lets you control your fleet instantly from any location around the world

Web based

No need for software installation, just log in and start working anywhere you are.

Flexible and versatile

dent & buckle can be tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements. It covers component handling, reporting, overall fleet management and much more.

Component handling with damage tracking

By integrating with MRO systems the structural damage and repair records associated with an aircraft are automatically updated when the components are removed from an aircraft, sent to a repair facility or installed on another aircraft.

SRMdoc module is a mobile based smart document browser – fully integratedwith dent & buckle

Save on shoe leather

The right revision for the right aircraft in the palm of your hand. That’s complete damage assessment on the spot.

Focus on your aircraft

dent & buckle damage information is used to suggest pages in SRMdoc so you can focus on the aircraft instead of on paper.

How does SRMdoc work?

Autonomous Drone-based Aircraft Structure Inspection and 3D Damage Mapping

Universal solution

In cooperation with our technical partner MRO Drone Ltd. we are developing an autonomous drone inspection system for all aircraft types.

Using drones for aircraft inspection greatly reduces AOG time for one simple reason – it takes much less time to inspect an aircraft with one flying device than by several men using scaffolding. The process is fast and automated including report generation! Captured high resolution data is loaded to dent & buckle in real time.

Cabin Survey is a dent & buckle related app to quickly create damage reports for aircraft interiors