ACSIS – Tool for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

ACSIS is a powerful software tool developed to assist any airline, aircraft operator, MRO facility and OEM to avoid AOGs, delays and turnbacks, as well as improve aircraft utilization, and enhance safety. ACSIS integrates with any MRO / M&E Software solution to deliver better insights into aircraft health and potential future problems which can then be dealt with during scheduled maintenance.

What does ACSIS do for you?

Real Time Monitoring

  • monitors all system defects
  • analyses data from pilot and maintenance reports
  • decides what your problems are

What does ACSIS provide?

ACSIS provides you

  • numerous, easy to understand, technical history diagrams
  • perfect troubleshooting overview at a glance

How can ACSIS avoid AOGs?

By implementing ACSIS in your airline you can avoid AOGs because you will

  • get immediate ALERT messages
  • visualize your AC/ Fleet status in one single diagram
  • recognize immediately if it is a single tailsign or a fleet problem

What is the Delay Probability Tool?

ACSIS’ delay probability tool

  • calculates the probability for a delay due to a certain problem on a specific aircraft to happen during/prior next flight
  • The calculation of the delay probability is based on previous delays
    (last 12 months) as well as the unscheduled events

Why should you as an airline use the ACSIS delay probability tool?

  • Maintenance teams can be prepared with tools, material and personnel before it comes to a delay or even an AOG

How can ACSIS enhance safety?

  • ACSIS uses sophisticated algorithms which are far more accurate than standard alert levels per ATA
  • ACSIS provides you comprehensive reports for your engineering and CAA at a click of a button

The standard reliability calculation tools do the following:

  • Standard reliability calculation is smoothing peaks
  • Single important problems disappear in the „cloud of data“
  • Standard system resets are performed successfully………..until the next problem arises
  • Standard behavior is to wait until something happens
  • Only MEL and HIL and Delays get attention

What does ACSIS do instead?

  • ACSIS shows you the peaks clearly and unmistakably
  • You are able to analyze one specific problem of one specific AC-type or even of a specific AC
  • Attention is drawn to previous delays (last 12 months) as well as the unscheduled events