Digital Briefing

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Leave paper behind and instantly deliver flight releases directly into the hands of your flight crews. Comply365’s Digital Briefing solution is the fast, reliable solution you need to reduce operating costs by eliminating paper releases, capture compliance signatures electronically and release flights faster for more on-time departures.

Forget waiting at the gate to print flight releases, sifting through pages of paper or scrolling through releases on small ACARS screens. Comply365’s Digital Briefing solution leaves the paper behind–delivering an electronic flight release in PDF format, along with any related documentation such as weather or international documents, directly to as many flight crew members as needed on their mobile devices, even prior to arriving at the gate.

  • Deliver an electronic flight release automatically to mobile devices
  • Replace long paper printouts with easily searchable PDFs
  • Capture digital release Acceptance and FAA-required Fit for Duty signatures*
  • Fast, reliable and requires no additional work for flight operations or crew
  • Allow pilots to enhance releases using bookmarks, annotations and highlighting
  • Give crews more time to review flight details before take-off

* In compliance with FAA AC No: 120-78A

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