OASES Modules: End-to-end, compliance-focussed, digitised MRO workflows

Flexible deployment
OASES Core drives the functionality of the operational modules and enables you to configure them to your specified requirements. The OASES API also enables you to develop and explore new software link-ups to tailor your OASES capability.

Unified platform
Data only need be entered once and is then available to all modules deployed. Users can move easily between modules, which can be automatically included in a user-personalised menu. OASES logs session entries in all input fields, making it easy and intuitive to recall part numbers, registrations and other specified information. Quick and simple audit trails cover changes to the database; details of the change, user ID, date, time and location.

Central control: Security
Administrators gain full flexibility in managing user accounts, associated rights and security permissions, with the ability to redesign and re-label user menus.
Administrators can also define and control security groups (roles) and policies, granting, amending, or rescinding user/role permissions.

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