Line Maintenance Control

The LINE MAINTENANCE CONTROL MODULE accepts suitable data feeds from EFB, ETL, e-enabled aircraft and electronic operations systems, enabling effective control of short-term maintenance planning, aircraft defects and the materials required to support rectification.

These facilities significantly reduce opportunity for error e.g. removing manual duplication of data entry and the inevitable errors this can lead to. The system integrates key processes from other technical areas (Planning, Materials etc.) and this rationalizes the Line Maintenance Control workflow and provides high-visibility of fleet and aircraft status.

Short term planners and managers can forecast on a single screen all short term scheduled activities, component removals and defect rectifications required. From this combined work forecast the system automatically produces and emails an LMC worksheet to the appropriate station, detailing all maintenance and rectification activities to be performed.

The MEL is held electronically in the system and as defects are reported they are categorised and controlled directly against the appropriate MEL control. This again significantly reduces the opportunity for error and time and date stamps transactions to provide easy audit and review. The OASES system provides close integration between the planning and material control functions, ensuring the availability of any materials required for the rectification of a defect in advance of the due date.

Full access to defect history of the aircraft is easily available to all employees with appropriate system permissions. This data can be filtered by ATA system(s), CFD category, date range etc. to aid in identification of problems and the operator can easily drill-down to the source information from the same view.