Hosted Solution

Hosted Solution

The OASES hosted solution offers access to the full functional capability of OASES but in a hosted environment. It can be accessed from any client device which is connected to the internet by means of a secure remote desktop connection.

Server Set-Up

The application is installed on a shared server which is hosted in a data centre. The server is paired with an identical server at a different geographic location. This provides a back-up in the event of a hardware failure. If the server fails for any reason customers are transferred to the back-up server. This back-up server has a full replication of the customers environment so that the customer can continue to work as normal.

Data Security

All customer data is held locally on the server and this is incrementally backed up every fifteen minutes to the paired second physical server at a different geographic location. In addition to the incremental back-ups a full database back-up is made every 24 hours (Monday – Friday). On a monthly basis the physical back-up tape is swapped and taken off-site to give a long term insurance back-up. Therefore clients of the hosted service can have confidence that their data is securely held.


The hosted solution is supported by Commsofts global support team and is monitored to ensure a high level of reliability and availability. In the event of a disruption the support team is immediately notified of a service outage and they will work to restore access as fast as possible.

The high level of both hardware and software back-up, coupled with the dual server set-up means that single point failures in the communication network, or a hosting site issue can be handled by means of swapping the service provision to the other site. Most issues will therefore be dealt with in a very rapid timescale to ensure the effects on customers are minimised as much as possible.