The CORE MODULE provides the essential system components that allow operation and integration of OASES functional modules. This includes post-implementation support and development services to ensure long-term effective use of the system.


  • OASES Operating Systems
  • Security Management
  • Database
  • Help System
  • Support Systems
  • System Development

OASES functional modules are designed to plug in to the CORE and provide a flexible and cost-effective framework that allows users to ‘design’ the perfect system and configuration for their operation. As the CORE includes all database, operating systems, interfaces and applications required to operate OASES, users have a single-point of support for system support queries and issues.

Administrators can easily manage user accounts, associated rights and security permissions and can redesign and re-label user menus. Security groups (roles) and policies can also be defined and offer flexible control for granting, rescinding or amending user or role permissions.

The OASES Navigator allows users to move easily to any function and these can be automatically included in a user-specific ‘favourites’ menu. OASES remembers session entries in all input fields making recall of part numbers, registrations etc. very easy and intuitive.

A full support system is provided to ensure effective use of the system by all OASES users. Dedicated teams based in the UK, India and Australia, supported by distributor teams in Moscow and Singapore provide a customer support network with 24/7 capability.

A customer support management system controls all contact with customers and dedicated customer account managers are tasked with ensuring effective use of the system for each customer.