Commercial Management

The COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT MODULE enables customers to control the commercial aspects of their third party business. It provides full control of labour and materials billing and gives visibility of these to activities within the business

Contracts with third party organisations can be modeled in detail so as to give the organisation maximum flexibility in dealing with customers. A default contract can be set up and this will be used by the system unless it is over-ridden by a customer or aircraft contract. Ad-hoc work can therefore be undertaken against the default contract. Discounts can be applied at either the contract or customer level or applied on an ad-hoc basis if required.

Default labour rates can be set but they can be over-ridden by a customer contract or for a particular aircraft work package. Labour rates can be tiered to take account of fixed prices for certain work and varied according to time of day or for week-end / holiday periods.

Material charges can be set for stock items or can be varied if the material is associated with a particular contract. Mark-up percentages can be varied according to the value of the materials and can also be capped if required. Freight charges can also be handled by the system. Default minima and maxima can also be set.

The system can be set up to work with different tax regimes and has a full model for European VAT calculations built into it. Currencies can be set at the customer level and any numbers of currencies are supported by the system making it easy to handle cross border transactions.

Invoices are finalised and then issued but can be subsequently be amended if required ( a copy of the original is retained by the system). Credit notes can also be issued by the system against a customer’s account.