AMS – Asset Management System

AMS – Asset Management System


CloudCARDS Ltd. AMS is a system that will capture multiple pieces of data and information on an asset and any lease associated with an asset. This data is key to controlling asset costs on behalf of the lessor and to generate the financial information required to manage the asset.

The system is primarily a financial system that manages the costs of the aircraft on behalf of the leaser. It captures multiple pieces of data relating to an asset and to a lease that will allow designated users to generate and view specific financial information.

The entire system will comprise of 18 different modules which will be accessible by users depending on their role and the permissions assigned to their role.


  • Portfolios
  • Asset Details
  • Lease Details
  • Asset Utilisation
  • Maintenance Events
  • Maintenance Reserve Balance Statement
  • Maintenance Reserve Claims
  • Finance
  • Subsystem Movement
  • Alert Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Import Data Feeds
  • Reporting Module
  • Modelling/Scenarios
  • Lease Budget Forecasting
  • RSS/News Feed
  • Rental Account