Cervino empower your staff with knowledge that will enable them to challenge the process and endorse the culture of continuous improvement


In our experience, many companies underestimate the importance of software training. This e ects data quality, process e ciency, and cause that feeling of frustration in sta when they cannot develop needful skills.

This is why, Cervino Consulting have decided to help customers with a training package service, that is fully customized on customer’s requirements.

Because our sta has knowledge and experience about the most popular MRO systems and aviation ERP systems, with very deep knowledge of AMOS and MAINTENIX, we can deliver with high quality standard.


Our teaching is focused on explaining the system logic, more than a sequence of clicks. We want our students to understand how the system works, how the data ows through the modules.

We develop the content after discussing with you about your scenario, your issues and your requirements, so that our training delivers exactly what you need.

We believe in empowering your sta with such good knowledge that enables them to challenge the process and endorse the culture of continuous improvement.


  • A dedicated training program for each department, organized in small modules to allow exibility in building the training scope and schedule
  • Hands on the system
  • Exercises that are tailor-made on your requirements, following your processes and using your own database
  • Trainers with solid aviation background that speak the business language, and with training experience


  • Training program for new joiners
  • Training program for graduates and for whom is new to aviation industry
  • Recurrent and refreshment training for current users
  • Training on new system release and on new system implementation
  • BI and reporting capability training – database training

Our methodology allows us to quickly develop the training scope based on your needs, independently from your business model. If you’re an operator, or a pure MRO, or if you provide repair capabilities and you’re a components supplier, we can tailor-made the content and the teaching.

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