Cervino offer project managers with industry specific knowledge with the capability to lead major projects or programs.

Facing the implementation of a new MRO software, or a major upgrade, can look a scaring and massive step for an organization that is already at the limit of its capacity.

Cervino team knows it very well, we have been through this in the past, either as PM, as super-users, as supplier consultant, and we are ready to support our clients with our knowledge and experience.


Delivery with quality and efficiency, this is our mission whenever we manage a project.

And we do this in close cooperation with our customer, sharing knowledge and advices, so that, when the project ends, and we walk away, our customer is able to maintain the quality of the delivered product and processes.


  • Project Management

Cervino follow the PMP framework combined with Agile methodology. Our approach and management style depend on the customer’s organization and type of project.

Cervino has a diversify pool of talents in terms of background, education, set of skills to offer high quality support in all the phases of a project.

  • MRO-Change & Enhancement

Cervino have developed a method for enabling continuously structured changes and enhancements of maintenance organizations. Our team help customers to analyze the current state in their maintenance operations, perform a root cause analysis and identify where corrective actions are more effective.

Actions can be taken to improve operations, improve business processes and optimize software configuration and usage.

  • Agile MRO Change Model

To be able to do major optimization and change projects in MRO operations we have developed an Agile project model. This model enables the project to re-prioritize, take new items into scope and break down the tasks in smaller more manageable pieces of work.


We offer project managers with industry specific knowledge and experience in managing major projects or programs. With experience from large international organizations our project managers are comfortable to collaborate with project members across national borders.