Cervino assist our varied clients through their digital transformation initiatives, offering a structured method to establish new processes within all areas of their business

Airlines, MRO, and other businesses acting in the aviation market need to constantly change and improve to keep up with the demanding market conditions. This requires enhancement of processes and higher adoption of digital solutions.


Cervino supports customers from the very beginning of the transformation journey, when a solid and consistent strategy must be created.

When we develop a transformation program, we take into considerations the type of business and the company, processes, people, constrains, and how to act effectively on them in order to increase efficiency and reduce waste.


Our approach follows the LEAN methodology. After an analysis of the situation and identification of the real problems, we recommend the more effective transformation strategy.

We look for innovative solutions, that can produce the highest benefits with a contained cost, and fit into the global picture of your organization.


Cervino offers a structured way to innovate processes and assist clients through the digital transformation initiatives.

We have long experience from many different aviation businesses in all areas.

This makes Cervino the perfect partner for aviation companies looking for innovation.