Cervino offer experience and method in selecting the right MRO software to improve business

Selecting wisely a new MRO software can be a difficult task, if you have little experience in the aviation software market. Cervino assists clients in building a correct business case, and in choosing the right solution, that can really improve the business, solve current problems, and meet requirements.


The implementation of a new MRO software system is a complex project. It’s not only about the

implementation of an IT system, but also, about process improvement. Our approach focuses first on understanding customer’s business model, current problems, business development, constrains and, then, scanning the market to find the best system that fits in.


Cervino follows a 5-step model:

  1. Business Process Review
  2. Supplier quick screening (RFI)
  3. Supplier Shortlisting
  4. Request for Proposal
  5. Supplier Selection


Our consultants have extensive experience in project and program management. We offer project managers and business analysts with industry specific knowledge.

We offer deep knowledge in regards to MRO software, aviation ERP systems, aviation mobile tools, dedicated predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions, and other systems built for aviation MRO and operators.