Skybook Ops Board

skybook Ops Board has been engineered to help operations and dispatch teams monitor the active status of flights with a series of real time updates helping to instantly identify any emerging issues.

The user-friendly graphical interface and active status updates will as a minimum help to instantly identify when key tasks have been completed or failed to complete, if a delay is expected or a flight has been delayed along with the length of the delay and also the impact of the delay on the following sectors.

Unique colour coding adds another level to the information available at a glance by instantly helping to identify the severity and length of each delay and further information can be called upon at the touch of a button to help inform decision making.

When paired with the skybook EFB application and Dispatch Monitor, operators will have a very powerful platform upon which to greatly improve real time problem solving and decision making which is proven to help improve on time performance and drive down workloads.

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