Skybook Notices

Streamline processes, increase the level of detail in crew briefings and ensure your briefing pack are truly paperless with skybook Notices.

This module allows dispatch teams to distribute all Flight Crew Notices (FCN), Flight Safety Notices (FSN), Cabin Crew Notices (CCN) and more and this module can be configured to meet the needs of each operator in order to ensure all additional information relevant to each flight can be included with minimal effort.

skybook uses a series of ‘targets’ to automatically identify the information available for each sector and ensures this is included in all applicable briefing packs.

Information can be imported or uploaded and targeted via the following:

  • General Release
  • Airfield(s)
  • FIR(s)
  • Fleet
  • City Pair
  • Flight Number
  • Point of Departure or Point of Arrival

Digital libraries can also be created and managed for upload using in-house word processing and publishing software and third-party digital libraries such as Airbus, Boeing, JARS, CAA and IATA can also be imported.

Integrated flight safety notices help get the right information to the right people and places at the right time, helping to improve accuracy and accountability, awareness and above all helping save money by removing the need for additional software/systems to generate and deliver information across your organisation.