Skybook Form Builder

skybook Form Builder has been engineered to help skybook operators respond to the ever-evolving world of aviation by giving them the ability to create their own fully digital forms in house with ease in a matter of minutes, without the need for external assistance from the Bytron team. 

Thanks to its highly intuitive user interface, users can set the forms layout, add input boxes, decide whereabouts in skybook the form will available to users and even which additional skybook functionality can be utilised, such as using the tablets camera to snap a picture for inclusion in the form. 

Once ready for use, the forms can be fully previewed before being enabled within the selected skybook module – all of which takes place without the need for any input from the Bytron team. 

Most importantly, the data captured can be extracted from the forms and exported post flight directly to other departments or operations systems, removing the need for onward inputting and reducing the potential for human error. 

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