Skybook Flight Tracking

Being able to accurately track aircraft is a vital part of daily flight operations for many airlines and operators across the world and this is where skybook Flight Tracking comes in.

Using either ACARS, ADS-B or Space Based ADS-B to track each flight, skybook is fully GADSS compliant and can be relied upon to accurately track each flight no matter where in the world it may be operating.

Fully standards compliant straight out of the box, Flight Tracking can be further configured in line with the requirements of each operator in order to deliver alerts and updates across wider skybook modules and also via other third-party platforms if required ensuring that real time alerts are generated across all required platforms in the event of an emerging problem.

It’s not just aircraft tracking that is the focus here though as operators can also review the latest weather and NOTAM updates for the airports connected to each flight.

In the event of an emerging situation that could impact on any of these airports, skybook will automatically generate an alert to highlight the problem for immediate attention.

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