Skybook Flight Briefing

skybook integrates directly with flight planning systems to deliver highly effective Narrow Route crew briefings that are created automatically for each sector based on the route defined in each approved flight plan.

Each briefing package is analysed by skybook when generated which to ensure that all operationally significant information is brought to the attention of the crew via a series of alerts that feature prominently throughout each briefing section.

Additionally, skybook identifies all supplementary information of relevance to each briefing package and automatically applies this information to all suitable packages as part of the notice module.

This information can include Airport briefings, MEL updates, PAX information, load sheets, security forms, overfly permits and much more besides.

skybook crew briefings contain the following information as standard:

  • Full OFP
  • Airfield METAR, TAF and NOTAM information for all departure, destination and alternates
  • NOTAM information for all departure, destination and alternate airfields
  • All applicable charts including Route Plot, Re-Clear, ETOPS, Upper Wind & Temp, SigWX and Vertical Profile
  • ETOPS release (if applicable)
  • Notice Library

The power of skybook is in its flexibility and this very much includes briefing options. Not only can the packs be tailored to each operator, they can also be printed (if required), downloaded in PDF format or used in an interactive format as part of the skybook EFB application.

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