Skybook ETOPS Charts

No matter what flight planning system you are currently using, skybook ETOPS software can be integrated to create comprehensive ETOPS charts via a seamless fully automated process.

Once integrated, skybook receives the flight plan and extracts all relevant information to generate detailed ETOPS charts. The charts can also be further configured to display additional information ensuring that pilots have a comprehensive overview on each chart.

Theskybook route plot generator is also a key feature and again takes the detail directly from each OFP to automatically create route plots, removing the need for manual creation, reducing the potential for errors and saving a great deal of time during preparation of each briefing package. 

As standard, this includes all routing information, ETOPS Alternates (ERAs), Equal Time Points (ETPs) and ETOPS Rule Time. Additionally, the charts can be configured to show the following:

  • No-fly-zone areas
  • Data-entry boxes
  • Exit routes
  • Grey overlay for areas outside of the theater of interest
  • Additional range rings around point of interest
  • Company filtered airfields

When it comes to ETOPS, skybook goes above and beyond to reduce the labour required in flight operations and dispatch while also ensuring that pilots have the detailed insights required for each sector.

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