Skybook eTech Log

The skybook eTech Log is the final piece of the puzzle for operators working to achieve digital transformation as it will greatly streamline and improve the management of information between the flight deck, maintenance teams and flight dispatch through seamless synchronisation between each module.

It is fully compliant and will help to replace every stage of the current paper-based tech logging process on the flight deck, across maintenance and engineering and will also help to reduce turnaround times by giving instant access to updated information as soon as each stage has been completed.

When integrated with the skybook EFB application, the eTech Log will greatly reduce the amount of duplicated recording on the flight deck as information such as fuel, timings, oil usage and de-icing will be synchronised from one app to the other in order to auto populate the relevant fields.

As standard, the eTech Log provides access to the following:

  • Journey log information including fuel, de-icing, flight times, oil usage
  • Defect records including the ability to monitor real time cycle information and alerts
  • Maintenance and service records (including out of phase)
  • MEL information
  • Camera function to aid record capture
  • All signatures and acceptances
  • Ability to review aircraft information and alerts within skybook Ground Portal.

As with all skybook modules, the eTech Log can be fully configured to meet the needs of each operator and will also integrate fully with third party EFB applications and maintenance systems in order to create a seamless two-way flow of information, again removing the need for manual inputting and duplication and again, improving accuracy.

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