Skybook EFB Journey Logging

The skybook Journey Log module is highly intuitive, very user friendly and will help operators move away from capturing important flight data in formats that cannot be used or shared across other operations platforms.

Engineered to mirror flight deck workflows, the Journey Log module can be configured specifically to each operator to ensure the information of most importance can be recorded during each flight phase with minimal input from the crew in order to deliver further reductions in flight deck workloads.

The skybook  EFB Journey Log will help operators understand the true cost and performance of each flight by capturing the following information:

  • Crew information
  • De-icing including holdover times
  • Ground services
  • Sector acceptance, voyage sign off along with any other required signatures
  • Delays
  • Commanders reports
  • Off blocks and airborne times/landing and on blocks times
  • Fuel requirements including specific gravity, uplift and additional fuel reasons
  • Waypoint actuals including timings, fuel usage and flight levels
  • Ability to select re-clear options, divert and route direct

Notes and bookmarks that can be added to specific waypoints in the PLOG