Skybook EFB Crew Briefing

Reduce flight deck workloads and reduce the pressure on your pilots by giving them unrivalled access to the vital information needed for each sector with skybook Digital Briefing packs available as part of the EFB application.

Designed with the aim of making paper packs on the flight deck a thing of the past, each section of the digital pilot briefing has been designed to walk pilots through the information they need, with particular focus on the details that could have an adverse effect on the flight and the sector.

Each briefing pack is automatically generated through skybook’s cutting-edge flight Crew Briefing system and this well proven package is already in use with operators across the globe having been approved by airlines and CAA’s and have also passed IOSA and State Authority audits.

skybook Crew Briefing software will deliver a more modern and efficient flight crew briefing process that finally removes the need for bulky paper briefing packs on the flight deck and puts the information of most importance where the crew need it most.

Furthermore, pilots using the skybook EFB based Crew Briefings can refresh the packs at any time which ensures they always have access to the latest weather and NOTAM information along with all other pack updates including changes to the OFP, PAX manifest and load sheet for example.

skybook’s comprehensive digital pilot briefings feature the latest data covering:

  • METAR, TAF, upper wind and temp charts
  • Airfield and FIR NOTAM
  • SigWX charts and terrain mapping
  • Company notices
  • Unique coloured alerting systems for instance issue recognition
  • Route plots and detailed ETOPS charts
  • Supplementary information and documentation
  • Briefing packs for onward sectors
  • Notes and bookmarks that can be added throughout the briefing pack

By far the biggest advantage for skybook over other EFB or EFF platforms in the ability to instantly draw the attention of the crew directly to the most important information, the updates that could impact on the flight. For example, a critical breach of weather minima at an airport or an equally serious NOTAM within the FIR section will trigger a red alert at which point the crew can access a detailed overview of the situation. This functionality alone will great improve the decision-making process on the flight deck.

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