Skybook Dispatch Monitor

Streamline the flight dispatch process and improve communication with the flight deck with the skybook Dispatch Monitor.

Dispatch Monitor provides a detailed overview of daily flight schedules and important status updates, all based on approved flight plans received by skybook in real time.

Dispatch teams are able to review flight plans, generate and review crew briefings at the touch of a button, monitor active status updates when core tasks are completed by the crew and even communicate with the crew directly via skybook messenger.

As with all skybook modules, Dispatch Monitor can be configured with ease to display the information of most importance to each operator in order to maximise efficiency.

The information displayed within skybook Dispatch Monitor includes but is not limited to:

  • Flight Number, Registration
  • Departure Airfield, Destination Airfield
  • Crew allocation
  • STD, STA
  • Sector Signed for, Sector Signed off
  • Sector verified, briefing pack ready for download
  • OFP received – OFP update indicator
  • Commander’s name
  • Off blocks, Airborne
  • Landed, In Blocks

Dispatch Monitor also features a direct messenger which can be used to great effect to communicate directly with the crew to inform them of changes and advise when there are updates available.

When a message is sent, the crew will receive a real time alert via the skybook EFB application and iOS alerts can also be generated to ensure nothing is missed while the crew are working in other applications.

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