Skybook Airfield Watch

skybook Airfield Watch is the direct answer to operators working to improve efficiency by reducing workloads, helping to effectively deliver more with less.

skybook continuously monitors all METAR, TAF and NOTAM information for each airport, automatically reviewing a series of parameters in line with operator minima settings and NOTAM preferences.

The highly effective graphical interface presents users with a detailed overview of all departure, destination and alternate airports based on daily flight schedules making it very easy to identify changing conditions that could impact on a flight.

When an emerging weather issue or problem NOTAM is detected, skybook generates a colour coded alert within the relevant airport indicator instantly highlighting the problem and bringing to the attention of all who need to know.

Once the problem is identified, operators can make use of comprehensive weather and NOTAM data for the affected airport to better understand the nature of the issue and make the right decision based on accurate real time information taken directly from the UK MET OFFICE and EUROCONTROL.

skybook Airfield Watch is a solution that operators should not be without.

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